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Zen Track Rambling , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 92min
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Zen Track Rambling came about quite by chance: First, as a joyful account to capture the feelings I experienced during my long runs; and secondly, as a means to relieve the pain, depression, and general helplessness I felt during a long-term injury. My running journey has led me to extreme highs, but has also plunged me, bipolar-like, into the depths of depression. The journey began in Starved Rock State Park, outside of LaSalle, Illinois, in August 1999, when I was an expatriate in Australia working in the States for a spell. At sunrise, I´d run the trails before work, then share in a communal breakfast with my workshop colleagues; yet during the work day, I would drift and daydream. I was 50-something, and felt disconnected, not knowing who I was or where I was headed. But I put my time to good use during those humdrum workshops: I´d scribble the memories from the day´s run on scraps of paper! The result of my ennui was an accumulation of paper scraps marked with ruminations of my daily runs. On my flight back to Australia, I gathered those scraps and magically scribed the poem ´´Zen Track Rambling´´. The title of the poem, however, is unrelated to my morning runs on the Starved Rock trails even though they were the poem´s inspiration; rather, ´´Zen Track´´ is a name my Australian running mates and I coined to describe a scorching-hot, blustery bike path that runs along a railway line - and, once hosted the infamous Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin - where we often hallucinated as we ran in 100-plus-degree temperatures. As I was living and working in Australia for quite some time, I made a few friends in the South Australian Writer´s Workshop, notably Kim, who encouraged me to read ´´Zen Track Rambling´´ in one of the ´´Poetry Under The Pier´´ reading sessions in Henley Beach. I remember my first poetry reading like it was yesterday. Somewhat unsure of myself, I drew a deep breath and bared my soul to the gathered throng of poetr 1. Language: English. Narrator: Dan Czerwonka. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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