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This radio series is a collection of short pieces reflecting on life, love, and death among the species. It contains monologues, montages, portraits, and dreams. Some are funny, some are strange, some enlightening, some sobering: ´´Hide and Seek´´: Animal trainer and behaviorist Ken Decroo tells the story of the first time he talked to a chimpanzee and the chimp talked back. An aural metaphor ends this piece. ´´Noah´s Ark´´: A strange blend of Beethoven and speculation about the thoughts of cattle at the moment of death. (Caveat: contains some graphic description of the slaughtering process) ´´Snakes´´: A montage meditating on the worth, or worthlessness, of the legless reptile. Civilized and primitive man collide...In discussing the snake, the human is revealed. ´´Treeline´´: Vietnam veteran Jim McMullen tells of the time he shot a blackbird outside his hometown, and was compelled to destroy his weapons for good. ´´Michi Belle White and the Birds´´: A portrait of a California woman who takes in sick wild birds and fills her house with them. ´´Killer Whales´´: A brief sound essay on the derivation of this whale´s name, its seductive behavior toward the producer´s wife, and its penchant for making repulsive noises. ´´Subtext: Communicating with Horses´´: An animal psychologist searches for the source of one horse´s ennui. The horse responds with a story of dislocation and lost youth. ´´Reflections of Fathers´´: a.k.a. ´´Bugs and Dads,´´ this piece is about John May´s insect museum, his love for his father, and the reflections of all fathers in all children. ´´Dog´s Dreams´´: A meditation on the longtime relationship between man and dog. What are our dreams about each other...and our nightmares? ´´Cross my Path´´: Leo Grillo can´t stand to see an animal suffer. So he´s got about 300 stray dogs and cats, and if he can´t find homes for them, he keeps them until they die of natural causes. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Various. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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