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A unique collection of eight Alan Bennett stories, read by the author. Alan Bennett is one of Britain´s best-loved authors and an acclaimed storyteller. This exclusive compilation includes eight of his best tales, collected together for the first time. Here is his celebrated, iconic memoir ´The Lady in the Van´; as well as two fascinating autobiographical accounts of his family and childhood. ´Uncle Clarence´ sees Bennett visiting the grave of a relative who died in Flanders in 1917; while in ´Hymn´ he joins forces with composer George Fenton and the Medici String Quartet to explore his musical memories. Bennett´s incisive, acute observations shine through in his fiction too, with wry, moving and darkly humorous meditations on death (´Father! Father! Burning Bright´ and ´The Laying On of Hands´), sex (´The Shielding of Mrs Forbes) and middle-age ennui (´The Clothes They Stood Up In´). His gift for affectionate satire reaches its pinnacle in ´The Uncommon Reader´, a delightful tale in which the Queen discovers the pleasures of literature. Poignant, compassionate, wise and witty, the stories included are ´The Lady in the Van´, ´Uncle Clarence´, ´The Clothes They Stood Up In´, ´Father! Father! Burning Bright´, ´Hymn´, ´The Laying On of Hands´, ´The Uncommon Reader´ and ´The Shielding of Mrs Forbes´. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Alan Bennett. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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