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Morel, Anaik - Spleens Et Detresses Op. 38 (10 LieNr. 1 Dans L'interminable Ennui De La PlaineNr. 2 Un Grand Sommeil NoirNr. 3 SpleenNr. 4 Promenade SentimentaleNr. 5 A Une FemmeNr. 6 SerenadeNr. 7 Le Son Du CorNr. 8 SaphoNr. 9 Les Faux Beaux JoursNr. 10 MarineRubackyte, Muza - Quintett Fuer Klavier Und Streic1. Poco Lento - Moderato2. Larghetto Sostenuto3. Meastoso - Allegro Molto Risoluto? Louis Vierne (1870-1937), having been taught by César Franck and Widor,became a famous organist. His most important post was that of the NotreDame in Paris, where he was celebrated for his improvisations. As acomposer indulged in the post-Wagnerian language of his era: highlycomplicated counterpoint, dense, chromatic harmonies and an exalted,spiritual atmosphere characterise his works.? This new recording presents his magnificent Piano Quintet, a monumentalwork (of the same proportions and scope as Cesar Franck's piano quintet)suffused with an overwhelming emotional intensity, caused by the suddendeath of the composer's child.? The song cycle 'Spléens et et détresses' on poems by Verlaine breathe amixture of mystical emotion and sensual ardour.? Beautiful performances by mezzo soprano Anaik Morel, the QuatuorTerpsicordes and the great Lithuanian pianist Muza Rubackyte, whoalready recorded successfully a CD with piano music by Louis Vierne (BC95154), which received 5 stars in Diapason.

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