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Ennui SF
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BMX-Helm / Bitte beachten Sie: Die Angebote können verschiedene Größen beinhalten. / Gewicht: 350 g (Größe S/M 54-58 cm), 380 g (Größe L/XL 58-61 cm) / für Skateboard, Fahrrad, Longboard, Inlineskates, Roller, Streetboards, Winter und Wassersport / Für wen: Herren / Größen: 54-58 cm, 58-61 cm / Visiere: mit Visier, Stoffvisier / Größenanpassungen: Drehrad-Verstellsystem, Kopfring, Pad-Anpassungssystem / Außenmaterial: ABS / Gewicht: 350 g / Innenmaterial: Polystyrol (EPS) / Helmtechnologie: Coolmax Pads / Prüfzeichen: EN DIN 1078

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Stand: 05.12.2017
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Castle Rackrent and Ennui
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Thady Quirk, steward to the decaying estate of the Rackrent family, narrates a story of four generations of a dying dynasty in Castle Rackrent. This volume also includes Ennui, the entertaining confessions of the Earl of Glenthorn, a bored aristocrat. Both novels offer a darkly comic and satirical expose of the Irish class system.

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Stand: 23.11.2017
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This Town Needs a Monster (eBook, ePUB)
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Bathos! Crippling ennui! Mind-numbing drudgery! Brad Renfield is a white, middle-aged, lower middle class, Midwestern man stuck in Gethsemane, Ohio. Most of his friends have either died or moved away and his one remaining friend is so depressed he´s on the brink of suicide. Brad hasn´t really given much thought to the chasm of emptiness within him. He´s mostly been a loner, content with his job and his tiny apartment. He´s never thought much about being part of something. He´s never really thought about the bigger picture. Until he meets a beautiful (and possibly psychotic) girl named Dawn. Dawn leads Brad into a vicious world as hedonistically carnal as it is brutal, forcing Brad to decide if he´s going to dig deep within himself and continue to resist the community he´s remained apart from his entire life or embrace it and accept his new reality.

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Stand: 28.11.2017
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eBook Disease and Death in Eighteenth-Century L...
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This collection examines different aspects of attitudes towards disease and death in writing of the long eighteenth century. Taking three conditions as examples – ennui, sexual diseases and infectious diseases – as well as death itself, contri

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Stand: 16.11.2017
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Tales of Fashionable Life, Vol. 1 als Buch von ...
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Tales of Fashionable Life, Vol. 1:Containing Ennui, Almeria, Madame De Fleury, The Dun (Classic Reprint) Maria Edgeworth

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Stand: 10.12.2017
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Ennui Slider Handschuh, »BLVD Glove«
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Ennui Slider Handschuh, »BLVD Glove«. Der BLVD Handschuh von ennui bietet Schutz für die Hände beim Skateboarden. Das robuste PU-Oberleder ist sehr abriebfest, aber dennoch sehr anschmiegsam und komfortabel zu tragen. Der große Slider auf der Handinnenfläche ist aus sehr hartem UHMW-Material gefertigt, das sehr langlebig ist und sich durch beste Slide-Eigenschaften auszeichnet. Kleine Löcher am Handrücken sorgen für ein angenehmes Klima im Handschuh. Der ennui BLVD ist der perfekte Schutzhandschuh für Freeride, Downhill, Slides usw. und macht alles mit. Produktdetails:: Innenmaterial: Microfaser, Außenmaterial: Slider aus UHMW und PU-Oberleder, Farbe: schwarz.

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Stand: 08.12.2017
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ennui_noir von UNUM - aromatisch, holziger Duft. ´´Langeweile ist eine Notwendigkeit, um den Mensch dazu zu bringen sich mit sich selbst zu beschäftigen - mit der Angst vor Eintönigkeit und Ewigkeit, um daraufhin wieder tiefe und wiederkehrende Freude empfingen zu können. Kopfnote: Lavendel, Myrte Herznote: Zedernholz, Heliotrop Basisnote: Patschuli, Vetiver, Vanille

Anbieter: dergepflegtemann.de
Stand: 26.09.2017
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Ennui Street Dual Pack
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Handgelenkprotektor, Knieprotektor, Protektoren Set / geeignet für: Herren, Damen / Sportarten: Fahrrad, Skateboard / Protektorpositionen: an den Knien, am Handgelenk / Eigenschaften: anpassbar / Befestigung: Klettverschluss / Konfektionsgrößen: S, L, M, XL

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Stand: 04.12.2017
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On a certain cool, rainy evening in autumn, in a small château in Brie, three pensive individuals were gravely occupied in watching the wood burn on the hearth and the hands of the clock move slowly around the dial. Two of these silent guests seemed to give way unreservedly to the vague ennui that weighed upon them; but the third gave signs of open rebellion: he fidgeted about on his seat, stifled half audibly divers melancholy yawns, and tapped the snapping sticks with tongs, with a manifest intention of resisting the common enemy. This person, who was much older than the other two, was the master of the house, Colonel Delmare, an old warrior on half-pay, once a very handsome man, now over-corpulent, with a bald head, gray moustache and awe-inspiring eye; an excellent master before whom everybody trembled, wife, servants, horses and dogs. At last he left his chair, evidently vexed because he did not know how to break the silence, and began to walk heavily up and down the whole length of the salon, without laying aside for an instant the rigidity which characterizes all the movements of an ex-soldier, resting his weight on his loins and turning the whole body at once, with the unfailing self-satisfaction peculiar to the man of show and the model officer. ...

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Stand: 07.11.2017
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Metroland , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 348min
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Man Booker Prize-winning author Julian Barnes´ debut novel.The adolescent Christopher and his soul mate Toni had sneered at the stifling ennui of Metroland, their cosy patch of suburbia on the Metropolitan line. They had longed for Life to begin - meaning Sex and Freedom - to travel and choose their own clothes.Then Chris, at thirty, starts to settle comfortably into bourgeois contentment himself. Luckily, Toni is still around to challenge such backsliding. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Greg Wise. Audio sample: http://samples.audible.de/bk/bbcw/004214de/bk_rhde_002536_sample.mp3. Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 22.11.2017
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Paul Beuscher Publications Top Ten N°75 - Pvg
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Contenu : Le Chemin - Des mots qui résonnent - Elle s´ennuie - Je ne veux qu´elle - Manhattan Kaboul - Marie - Pourvu que ça dure - Quelqu´un m´a dit - The Ketchup Song - Tu es mon autreDiscipline/Instrument : chant et accompagnementCollection : Top Ten Hit ParadeSupport : PartitionStyle/Genre : variété - jazzDate de parution : avr.-03

Anbieter: Woodbrass.com
Stand: 03.11.2017
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Ennui and the New Canoe als eBook Download von ...
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(4,99 € / in stock)

Ennui and the New Canoe:With Steve in the Australian Kakadu Pamela Lillian Valemont

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Stand: 09.12.2017
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